Emmersyn Fiorentino

Actress, Animal lover and 4th grader

  1. A Little Help with Carol Burnett
  1. Promo for a cooking show
  2. Cooking Show
  3. Video Title
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  1. Orange Carpet - The Emoji Movie
    A fun promo for the Emoji Movie that I shot at Sony Pictures Animation
  1. LOL Surprise Baby Dolls Opening - pocket.watch jr.
  2. Spiderman Homecoming Spider Racer - pocket.watch jr.
  1. BuzzFeed Mothers Day Promo
  2. BuzzFeed Brawny
  3. BuzzFeed and Tylenol presents...
    Maybe no one will notice...
  4. BuzzFeed presents...
    Women Get Makeovers By Little Girl - Ladylike
  5. Demo Reel
    Age 4-6
  1. Mariners Church
  2. Care Bears Commercial
  3. The Tile App Commercial
  1. Funny or Die - GOP Debate
    See my as Carly Fiorina
  2. Parenting Magazine
  1. PETA - Elle the Elephant
  2. Liv and Maddie Commercial
  3. Desi's Album